Saturday, April 10, 2010

saturday madness :)

Hello there! im just opened my grandma's wardrobe and found this old brown vest(or cardigan?).
green bangle: stroberi
pant: my school's PE uniform
Tshirt: super T
that old brown stuff:  my grandma's

well,i got an invitation to a beach party at the evening,this is the invitation
Megan's birthday party invitation

the dresscode is SUMMER.
i got 50% sale for this dress (it's just 4 days sale,how lucky am i? :D )

dress: Arithalia

this week is my lucky week,
i got free e63 from my mom's friend at thursday,
i won N5030 from easterina's party yesterday
and i won Rp 50.000 from Megan's party today :)

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