Monday, September 6, 2010

midnite sale

Senayan City mall in Indonesia open their midnight sale on yesterday, 3 September 2010. The sale is up to 70% and there's about 200 stores that join this midnight sale in Senayan City Mall. I went there on Saturday, the second day of midnight sale. It was very crowded there.

They're standing in front of VNC, waiting until 9 pm for the store to open.
Some of the stores in SenCy mall close their store before 9 pm

i just got one jeans pant from that midnight sale :'(. I can't get the shoes that fit my foot, all 40 size that i want already bought by other people 

This is Debenhams, about 10 pm

 middle up Indonesian are so up-to-date in fashion, they love sale and branded products.

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