Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello friends! This time I will post about holiday’s outfit. I know it’s a lil bit late, but hey Chinese New Year is near! :D

Living in tropical area like Indonesia, sun will shows up every time you look outside, it’s a killer radiation, not killing actually, but who wants to get sunburn? Not me, it’s painful, and I think I will not looking good in tan.

So, beach is the last option to go because I don’t like to waste my time below that killing sun. So I go to malls. B-o-r-i-n-g. For me, hanging out in mall means no entertainment and wasting money, but it depends on with whom you go.

What’s my outfit? most of the time i don’t want to be overdressed, I want it to be simple.

For a chat time in a coffee shop, I wear my heels, skinny jeans or skirt, and for the top, I wear knitted t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, sometimes with blazer or cardigan. I love something classic and last long, so I didn’t bought stuffs that are too edgy.

For a shopping trip, wearing heels is not my option, I prefer loafers or flat shoes or sandals, and it keeps me active, especially when there’s sale in the store: p. for the top, I like it to be as simple as possible. Wearing a lot of stuffs is such an energy waster, it burdening me. I like to wear shorts for bottom, it makes me feel easy to move my feet wherever my eyes want. 

i found this photo on .there are pictures that represent what kind of tops i wear.

So those are my effortless outfit when I’m on holiday. What’s yours? 

 I’m having difficulties, I hate this lame internet connection :(. I can’t do blog walking like I used to do.


  1. Thanks for following back!! Great post, I couldn't agree more with dressing simple when going shopping!! We definitely need to be comfortable running around and looking for deals :)

  2. flat shoes for shopping -> good choice!